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About Myofascial Release Therapy - Santa Cruz, CA

Releasing Energy Back Therapy—Myofascial Treatment in Santa Cruz, CA
The Myofascial Release technique is a safe and effective method. It involves applying gentle pressure to the fascial connective tissues to restore motion and relieve pain.
These Myofascial restrictions can be caused by several things, such as trauma, inflammatory responses, or even surgical procedures. Much of what causes you pain might not even show up on a standard test, such as an x-ray. These methods help diagnose and treat difficult areas of pain.
Myofascial release therapy allows me to take a look at each patient's individual needs. My one-on-one therapy sessions include hands-on treatments where I utilize a multitude of techniques and movement therapies.
Each session is performed directly on the skin without any oils, creams, or machinery. This allows me to accurately detect restrictions and sources of pain, all while applying the needed amount of sustained pressure. This releases the fascia and relieves pain.