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Jenny Call - Myofascial Release Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA

All of my clients visit me when they are in different stages of pain. My process is proven and has helped each and every one of my clients heal.
Releasing Blocked Energy—Myofascial Treatment in Santa Cruz, CA
Hand Therapy—Myofascial Treatment in Santa Cruz, CA
Foot Therapy—Myofascial Treatment in Santa Cruz, CA
Back Therapy—Myofascial Treatment in Santa Cruz, CA

My Process

Each client begins the process with an intake session. During this session, the client will fill out a simple intake form that identifies the level of pain and intensity on a map of the body. Afterward, I do an evaluation of what is needed for each specific case and provide a treatment. After, I discuss what I have found with my client and recommend the best treatment plan possible.
We customize our treatment plans to meet the specific need of each client.
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Stages of Healing

Crisis Management

When you are going through stress, the coping process can cause high levels of stress and anxiety. Though you are not always in control of life circumstances, you are always in control of your response to them.


It is always important to take time to recover after a crisis. I am here to guide you through each and every step of the process.


Maintenance after treatment is crucial to long-term pain relief. I will formulate a plan of action that suits your lifestyle and individual needs.